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Spectre Air Intake is Designed to Boost Horsepower on 2015 & 2016 GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado

The Spectre 9030 includes the HPR9891 air filter, aluminum tube, and powder-coated heat shield.

The Spectre 9030 air intake for the 2015-2016 GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado

General Motors Corporation introduced the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickup trucks in 2004 to replace the Chevrolet S-10 and GMC Sonoma compact pickups. The front-engine, rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles come in three styles –- a 2-door regular cab, 4-door extended cab, and a 4-door crew cab.

Whether you use your 2015 or 2016 GMC Canyon or Chevrolet Colorado as a work truck or your daily driver you may want to enhance its performance. That’s where the Spectre 9030 air intake kit comes in. The intake is designed to boost horsepower and torque on the 3.6-liter V6 powered Colorado and Canyon.

The air intake includes a Spectre HPR9891 washable and reusable conical air filter. The filter features a non-woven synthetic media that is designed for superb airflow.

Spectre also offers the HPR4820 air filter cleaning kit that is specially formulated to cleanse and recharge the filter so that it can be used over and over again for the life of the vehicle.

The spectre HPR9891 air filter offer superior airflow due to its non-woven synthetic media.

A red Spectre HPR9891 washable and reusable air filter is included in the air intake kit

The air intake has a polished aluminum tube, a black powdercoated heat shield that blocks the hot engine air from invading the intake inlet, six stainless steel clamps and two couplers. The kit is easy to install using common hand tools.

The Spectre 9030 Air Intake Kit is designed for the following vehicles:

2016 GMC CANYON 3.6L V6 Fuel Injection - All Models
2016 CHEVROLET COLORADO 3.6L V6 Fuel Injection - All Models
2015 GMC CANYON 3.6L V6 Fuel Injection - All Models
2015 CHEVROLET COLORADO 3.6L V6 Fuel Injection - All Models



Air Intake Boosts Horsepower, Torque on F-150 Platinum and SVT Raptor

The Spectre 9977 Air Intake is for the 2011 Ford F-150 Plantinum and 2011-2014 SVT Raptor.

The Spectre 9977 air intake kit works on 2011 Ford F-150 Platinum and 2011-2014 F-150 SVT Raptor

Perhaps one of the most celebrated pickup trucks ever made is the Ford F-Series. The pickup was unveiled as the F-Series in 1948 and has been considered to be the best selling vehicle in the United States since 1981 and the best selling pickup since 1977. It is also the best selling vehicle in Canada.

In 2011, Ford introduced a more robust version of the F-150 and dubbed it the F-150 Platinum. A 3.5-liter V6 engine that included a turbocharger was used to power the vehicle, which provided faster acceleration.

Ford introduced the F-150 SVT Raptor, which was based on the Ford 1000 baja truck. It included modifications to enhanced off-road performance, and was considered as the most capable off-road, mass-produced vehicle on Earth. Its base engine was a 5.4-liter V8 that generated 310-horsepower (230 kW). Between 2011 and 2014, the base engine was upgraded to a 411-horsepower (306 kW) 6.2-liter V8.

If you are looking to heighten the performance of your 2011-2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor or your 2011 Ford F-150 Platinum pickup, then you should look into the new Spectre 9977 air intake kit.

The Spectre 9977 intake has a red air filter, aluminum tube, and heat shield.

The Spectre 9977 air intake includes a HPR9892 red air filter, aluminum tube and heat shield.

The kit is engineered to provide more horsepower and torque than the factory system and includes a Spectre HPR9892 red tapered conical air filter with non-woven synthetic media. The air filter is washable and reusable.

Spectre also offers the Accucharge Precision Air Filter Cleaning and Oiling System that is specially formulated to cleanse and recharge the air filter so that it can be used over and over again for the life of the car.

The air intake kit includes a polished aluminum tube, a black powder-coated heat shield that prevents hot engine air from getting into the intake, five stainless steel clamps and two couplers. The installation process is fast and easy and can be performed with common hand tools.

The Spectre 9977 Air Intake Kit is designed for the following vehicles:

2014 FORD F150 SVT RAPTOR 6.2L V8 Fuel Injection - All Models
2013 FORD F150 SVT RAPTOR 6.2L V8 Fuel Injection - All Models
2012 FORD F150 SVT RAPTOR 6.2L V8 Fuel Injection - All Models
2011 FORD F150 SVT RAPTOR 6.2L V8 Fuel Injection - All Models
2011 FORD F150 PLATINUM 6.2L V8 Fuel Injection - All Models



Spectre Performance Offers Different Types of Air Filters for Different Applications

Spectre Replace Air Filters provide high performance and high air flow filter

Spectre Replacement Air Filters are engineered to outperform ordinary OEM-type paper filters

Stock Replacement Air Filters

Spectre Performance offers vehicle-specific high-airflow OE stock replacement filters designed and manufactured to provide a perfect fit and are available for a wide range of applications including many of the cars, trucks and SUVs on the road today. Spectre Performance replacement air filters are manufactured with a synthetic filter media that typically outflows the disposable paper filters that came with your car. In addition, Spectre Performance Stock Replacement air filters are built to last with a tough urethane frame and synthetic filter material that is reinforced with a steel mesh. The filter comes ready to install with the synthetic filter media already pre-oiled and ready for use.

Spectre Performance replacement air filters meet or exceed international standard for intake air filtration so don’t sacrifice engine protection to gain performance.

Spectre offers many different sizes and colors of clamp-on cone style air filters

Spectre clamp-on cone style air filters utilize low-restriction, washable oiled synthetic media

Clamp-on Universal Filters

Spectre Performance designs and manufactures Clamp-On Air Filters to cover a wide range of air intakes, including diesel applications. Spectre Clamp-on Air Filters are a line of universal filters that come in a variety of sizes, heights, and colors to fit your specific application. Spectre Performance Clamp-on Air Filters are engineered for increased flow and greater performance. This includes filters to replace more costly filters that may be on your vehicle right now.

Spectre Performance offers many different styles of clamp-on conical air filters with flange openings ranging from 2.5 inches up to 6 inches, measured on the inside diameter. Spectre Performance clamp-on conical air filters are manufactured using high quality materials throughout including low-restriction washable synthetic media, urethane, and steel mesh. Many filter sizes are available in your choice of red, blue, black or white colored filter media, to best match your vehicle or application.

To clean and freshen a Spectre Performance it’s advised to use a Spectre AccuCharge Air Filter Service Kit. The AccuCharge system features markings on the bottle for precise measuring and an easy-to-use squirt top for effortless and accurate application. The AccuCharge system comes complete with a 12 oz. pump spray bottle of cleaner and an 8 oz. bottle of specially-formulated filter oil with absolutely no petroleum products or animal fats.

Spectre Breather Filters are manufactured with pre-dyed synthetic media for lasting color

Spectre Breather Filters feature chrome-plated steel top and base, and come pre-oiled, ready to use

Breather/Crankcase Vent Filters

When you think of good engine breathing you’re normally considering intake systems. However, efficient crankcase breathing is an equally important function of any engine. If an engine’s breathing system is blocked or restricted, the crankcase pressure will find a way to equalize in any number of ways including out through weak seals, the oil dip stick tube, or past the oil rings. While all that’s going on, impurities like water vapor and acids created through the combustion process will build up and cause sludge, which in turn increases engine wear.

For most engines the standard emissions control system will manage this chore, but in aggressive street motors as well as those built for motorsports applications, increased crankcase ventilation must be added. These highly-tuned engines with higher compression ratios, higher oil pressures and higher maximum revs demand improved crankcase ventilation, not to mention that aggressive motorsports cam grinds reduce the amount of vacuum available to relieve the pressure inside the crankcase.

To help vent the crankcase without causing any of the problems mentioned, Spectre Performance offers a line of breather filters to clamp directly to metal or plastic tubing, making them ideal for filtering the air going in and out of not just your engine’s crankcase, but also for use on transmission and differential vents as well. Spectre Performance breathers come with air filter media, or screen mesh and are made with a pre-dyed synthetic media for lasting color.

Note: Breather/Crankcase Vent filters are legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used, registered, or licensed for use upon a highway. See for CARB status on each part for a specific vehicle.



Spectre Performance Discovers That Hang Time Racing Team is a Real Family Affair

Photo of Kay & Jason Luebcke in the pits at the Spectre Booth

Kay and Jason Luebcke make up two quarters of the Spectre-supported Hang Time Racing Team

Spectre Performance has been supporting the pro-touring movement literally from the beginning. Whether through brand ambassadors or full sponsorships, the drivers are guaranteed to have the very best when it comes to intakes, accessories, and performance. In fact, Spectre Performance has been a part of racing and performance since 1983, fueling the Nation’s car and truck obsession with innovative parts that equal a winning combination for car and driver.

Spectre brand loyalist, Jason Luebcke, along with wife, Kay, daughter, Victoria, and son, Tyler, make up Hang Time Racing. They are a family owned race team that enjoys autocrossing, road course events, car shows, and cruises all around the Midwest.

Photo of Jason Luebcke next to "Bama" in front of the National Corvette Museum sign &

Nothing quite like running at the National Corvette Museum in your 5th Gen 1/LE Camaro.

Their “pro-touring” adventure began back in 2013. Jason’s wife, Kay owned a 2011 Camaro Synergy Series Special Edition. Her Special Edition Camaro is one of 20 cars built, that the family enjoyed attending car shows, cruises, and day events. While attending the 2013 Camaro5 Fest in Indianapolis, the husband and wife duo were able to make some hot laps around the autocross course to “dry” the course from the overnight rain. Within 1 quick lap, Kay knew hubby Jason was hooked. Apparently this event had placed a smile on his face she hadn’t seen in quite some time. After much discussion and giggles on the next few laps, they realized what they wanted to do next, go out and autocross. With Kay’s Camaro being so rare, and the fact it had 21-inch wheels and very expensive Pirelli tires, this was not the car to be doing this with. As luck would have it during Camaro5 Fest the pair had the opportunity to test drive a car and fell in love with it, Jason says, as soon as he saw it, the 2014 Camaro SS 1LE. As soon as the test drive was over the decision was made. They would save their money and place an order for a 2014 to arrive in the spring.

Photo of Bama's Engine Compartment, a top pick at Holley's LS Fest

Bama's engine compartment featured on Chevy’s The Block website, plus top pick at Holley's LS Fest

Early February 2014, they hit their local Chevy dealer and proceeded to place the order for their Camaro, the one with the 1LE package in Red Rock Metallic. The only additional options included the Recaro seats and dual mode exhaust. Jason and Kay recall that what seemed like an eternity due to the severe winter, delayed train transport, and a delay in moving the car to the dealer, the day finally arrived in late April, 2014. To pay homage to the University of Alabama, their 1LE 5th Gen is affectionately named “Bama” and their choice of color matches the school color.

During the long wait and winter for the car, Spectre’s “Hang Time Racing” team had amassed quite the collection of parts that would slowly and methodically find their way on the car. Within hours of making the trip to the house, the changes began. They would pull the fuse for the exhaust so it was always open, cause that’s the best way. Then they changed the oil and would begin the break in plan. Jason would drive it hard and fast and continue to do so until it was time to change oil and go racing. Though most of the car remains stock, the changes and parts swapped were all done for both aesthetics and performance increases.

Photo of Jason Luebcke out on course at the autocross at Holley LS Fest

Luebcke having a blast hitting the autocross track at Holley's LS Fest!

Bama’s current set-up from top to bottom end features the GM LS3 6.2L motor with 430 HP. Luebcke added a cold air intake, JDP Motorsports high output coil wires, Apex Motorsports oil catch can, Vmax ported throttle body, and Jannetty Racing tune, plus Spectre Performance engine compartment covers in black/carbon fiber finish. Getting all that power to the street is a Tremec TR6060 6 speed transmission. Bringing this set-up to life Bama has the new Blackheart system by Hooker with long tube headers, no cats, 3-inch x-pipe leading to full 3-inch dual exhaust with 4.5-inch quad polished tips. To stop all this rolling thunder are the OEM Brembo 4 piston front and rear brakes with G-LOC ceramic-kevlar race pads.

To maximize handling Jason stayed with the factory GM struts, arms, and rods, but added BMR front springs offering a slightly stiffer rate with a 1.2-inch drop in height. In the rear he added the BMR springs with a 1-inch drop and Pedders 32mm rear sway bar.

Photo of Jason Luebcke out on the road course at National Corvetrte Museum for Optima Challenge

Trying his hand at the Hotlap Challenge at OPTIMA's Search for the Ultimate Streetcar Challenge

Depending on the weather, Hang Time Racing team is ready come rain or shine. For dry weather “Bama” sports a set of American Racing VF501 20×10 front and rear wrapped up with Goodyear Eagle F1 G2 Supercars in 285/35R20. For rainy track days they’ve got Hotchkis Y-Sport 20×10 front and rear, running Continental Conti-Extreme DW in 275/35R20.

Most of the body panels are covered in Xpel Ultimate self-healing paint protection film. The fender emblems were removed and a custom 1/LE logo on trunk lid was added. A front splitter is mounted under the factory splitter is a NASCAR Sprint Cup series component from Roush Yates racing, made of Tegris and functional for additional down force. An adjustable Z/28 rear spoiler and wickerbill were added to the rear. Front wheel flares from a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 add additional aero around the tires. To keep the brakes cool, brake ducts from 5star race bodies with full 3-inch NASCAR hoses were added.

Photo of Luebcke on the Road Course at National Corvette Museum.

Putting the Hang Time Racing Team's 5th Gen Camaro through the paces on the Road Course at NCM

The factory Recaro seats remain intact and are trimmed in suede and leather. a set of Crow Enterprizes 6 point harnesses keep Jason and Kay planted and connect to a Cipher harness bar painted in factory GM color to match the exterior. A custom shift knob and adaptor from Bowler Transmissions helps with shifts. To lighten up the car a bit, the rear seat upper cushion was removed and replaced with a PVC panel that has been hydrodipped by Cornerstone Custom Coatings.

What began as just an autocross car has now grown into not just racing at multiple events, but driving to and from those events and enjoying every moment. They’ve had the honor of being selected to display Bama at Goodguys Columbus and the O’reilly Auto Parts Midwest convention. The Hang Time Racing Team’s Bama has also been featured and talked about in both Super Chevy Magazine and Chevy High Performance magazine. In fact, the engine compartment has been featured on Chevrolet’s The Block website, along with being chosen as a top LS engine pick from Holley’s LS Fest.

Photo of Kay and Jason and Bama, Hooker Headers Official Exhaust Test vehicle at Holley's LS Fes

The Official Hooker Header's Exhaust Test Vehicle at Holley LS Fest, the Hang Time Racing 5th Gen

As they progress into 2017, their 4th year of events, they have a full schedule and are looking forward to every event possible. Jason’s biggest thank you goes out to his wife Kay. She is a huge part of this and he says there is nothing like having your best friend by your side along for the ride.

Everyone at Spectre Performance looks forward to seeing what this incredible racing family comes up with next. They say the family that plays together, stays together. And it looks like this family will be hanging in for the fun of it.



Spectre's Cliff Elliott & His 2016 Ford Mustang GTPP Blue - Code Blu

Driver side shot of Code_blu

Code_blu, the heart pounding 2016 Ford Mustang GTPP of Spectre-sponsored Cliff Elliott

In the medical field the term Code Blue refers to the “declaration of or a state of medical emergency” as in response to a patient who is in cardiac arrest. Spectre Performance ambassador, Cliff Elliott, pilots his heart pounding 2016 Ford Mustang GTPP that if lucky enough to ride shotgun will elevate your blood pressure and may even elicit a figurative code blue for some lucky passenger!

In all seriousness Spectre Performance Driver Cliff Elliott’s 2016 Ford Mustang GTPP, affectionately referred to as Code_Blu is a force out on the course. Whether he’s behind the wheel attacking the autocross, pulling out all the stops on the Texas Mile reaching speeds of 170 mph and more, or stopping Code_blu on a dime in the Speed Stop Challenge putting his Brembo 6 piston calipers with Girodisc 15” rotors to the test on his meaty BFGoodrich Rival S tires that feature 315s up front with 335s out back! This combination is made for the track!

Shot of Code_blu getting some pre-race love

A little pre-race car prep for Code_blu

Originally Code_blu was Cliff’s second choice. You see he had ordered a Ford Shelby GT350R to play with at the OPTIMA Search for the Ultimate Street Car Series and other events like the Texas Mile, the Sand Hills Open Road Race, Shelby Mid-America, and more. But waiting became very hard to do and it seems our friend Cliff needed an “in the meantime” car to putter around with as to not miss any great events. That’s where the 2016 Mustang GTPP came in.

And so began the metamorphosis and birth of Code_blu. He started where every racer starts, with the engine and drivetrain. Cliff took a 2016 Ford 5.2L Voodoo engine with aluminum block and fully customized, balanced, blueprinted, polished, and lightly ported this bad boy to lay down some serious power to the tune of 600 hp and 465 lb ft torque. Then he added a crank balanced by Nickens Brothers. Using the OEM heads and cam with 14mm lift and 270 duration he maintained the Ford Voodoo spec for the conventional Coyote firing order. He upgraded to a billet oil pump and gears along with a billet crankshaft gear. A Getrag MT82 transmission get’s all that mind bending horsepower to the wheels. He maintained the OEM driveshaft and rearend but did upgrade the headers to 1-7/8" longtube versions and added a 3-inch MBRP Custom exhaust. Did we mention that he did all of the mod assembly himself in his home garage?

Shot of the Carbon Fiber Spectre caps

To shave as much weight as possible, Elliott prefers the lightweight Carbon Fiber Spectre Caps

Elliott takes weight seriously and shaves it wherever he can to keep his competitive edge. He opted to swap out the original body panels, deck lid, and hood and added carbon fiber duplicates by Anderson Composites everywhere and anywhere including the grille! And that weight loss has paid off in spades for him. Code_blu comes in at a paltry 3595 lbs, allowing the GTPP to be lightweight and nimble on the big track or the autocross. In fact, Spectre-supported team driver Cliff Elliott has 3 different lightweight carbon fiber deck lids: an OEM style, one w/ a wing, and one w/a built in spoiler. Each of them serving a different purpose come race day depending on the event. But he didn’t just leave the carbon fiber exposed. In the OPTIMA Series drivers are rewarded for style in the Lingenfelter Design and Engineering segment of the event. Elliott, having a clear understanding of what looks good, and has the potential to earn some style points, opted for Deep Impact Blue Pearl and House of Colors Blue Candy to make the body lines pop on this heart stopping 2016 Ford Mustang! Painted by Larry’s Paint and Body out of Rockport, Texas, it’s easy to see where the name Code_blu came from! For the uncarriage, the swaybars and suspension links were powder coated by Protective Powder Coat to match. In fact the interior trim along with the rollbar features DIB powder coating really tying in the theme of this incredible ride.

Passenger side photo of Code_blu staged for OPTIMA'S AutoX

Staged for AutoX at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Let the games begin!

Finally, you can’t have great looks and all that power without considering how the car handles. This Mustang GTPP came with a pretty substantial frame and merely needed some tweaks to get it to handle just the way Cliff wanted. He started by lowering the stance just 1-1/2 inches from stock. Then he added some RideTech goodness. In the front he added the RideTech Coilover Triple Adjustable shocks with Hyperco springs. Then for good measure installed a BMR adjustable 35mm swaybar. In the rear, he stuck with the same RideTech Coilover Triple Adjustable shocks, Hyperco springs, and added a BMR 25mm 3-way adjustable swaybar.

You’re probably wondering if all the off-season modifications and effort were worth it. And the answer is a resounding YES. In fact you might even wonder how the GTPP stacks up against the Shelby GT350R that Elliott had ordered initially. Well, according to Elliott, Bloo_Doo, the Shelby GT350R, is a great looking car but doesn’t hold a candle to Code_blu.

Rear shot of Code_blu at the Speed Stop Challenge

On track at LVMS at the Powerstop Brakes Speed Stop Challenge

March was a big month for Cliff and Code_blu starting with the 2017 season opener for OPTIMA’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where Cliff came in 2nd in GT Class with 446 points beating his friend, yet worthy adversary, Jordan Priestley in his 6th Gen Camaro, and coming in just one point behind fellow competitor, Mike Maier in his 2017 Ford Mustang. He earned a 1st Place in D&E in his class yielding him a 4th Place overall. He placed First in the Powerstop Brakes Speed Stop Challenge, 3rd in the Falken Tires Hotlap Challenge and 5th in the Detroit Speed & Engineering AutoX in the Franklin Road sponsored GT Class. He did suffer a couple of minor set backs with going off the track on the road course messing up his splitter, and a minor oil issue with his catch can. But all in all he is thrilled with how the car came out of the gate at the season opener. It was the perfect shake down event to carry him into the Texas Mile where he came in 1st Place in his Class and threw down an incredible run at 171.0 miles per hour!

Looks like Spectre driver, Cliff Elliott and his heart pounding Code_blu are on course to have an incredible 2017 race season. Congratulations Cliff on a great start and being such a great ambassador for Spectre Performance.

Overhead shot of Code_blu at the Texas Mile

The Deep Impact Blue paint makes this 2016 Mustang GTPP a real stand out

Photo of the time slip for Code_blu and the Texas Mile speeds

No stranger to speed or the Texas Mile, Code_blu and Elliott and their first pass at the mile

Inside shot of Code_blu's interior - done by Cliff Elliott

Having done 95% of ALL the work and mods made to Code_blu, Cliff is pleased with this interior!

Interior shot showing the color detail of the aftermarket rollbar

Down to the last detail, Code_blu features a powder coated matching Deep Impact Blue roll-bar

Photo of the GTS Class Podium, Mike Maier in 1st, Cliff Elliott in 2nd and Jordan Priestley in 3rd

Cliff Elliot, left, in 2nd, Jordan Priestley, middle, w/ 3rd and the winner by 1 point, Mike Maier