Spectre Performance Excels at the Sixth Annual Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational

Spectre Performance first jumped into the OUSCI in 2009 and their reputation for success has continued to grow over the years
Spectre Performance first jumped into the OUSCI in 2009 and their reputation for success has continued to grow over the years
Pure power, performance and exhilaration - that's what the Sixth Annual Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational delivered in heaping helpings to the largest crowd the event has seen to date. A packed field of 58 of the optimum muscle cars on the planet, setting blistering lap times and generating astonishing finishes, made for the most memorable display of competition in OUSCI Invitational franchise history.

The OUSCI first came on the scene in 2008, as a means to bring the cars showcased at SEMA in Las Vegas to a venue where they could compete in various track style events, and to make a statement that they were more than mere trailer queens and poser show cars. Throughout the year, a total of nine qualifying events were run, each testing both driver skill and vehicle performance. A select group of competitors was chosen at the end of each event to participate in the 2013 OUSCI, which took place in Pahrump, Nevada on November 9th.

The sixth annual event combined five challenges that thoroughly tested every aspect of each competitor's performance. This year a 1965 Corvette owned by Brian Hobaugh took home the title of "Ultimate Street Car." Hobaugh drove to top finishes in the Ridetech Street Challenge and Autocross, as well as the Wilwood Disc Brakes Speed Stop Challenge. The victorious vette ran a custom Spectre air intake system. And Hobaugh's car was not the exception in the field, as six of the top-10 finishers featuring Spectre performance products.
Spectre's key markets are the muscle car, hot rod, and overall performance markets
Spectre's key markets are the muscle car, hot rod, and overall performance markets

"As a vendor/sponsor, Spectre jumped in to OUSCI in 2009, as the sponsor of the Design/Build Challenge (known today as the Performance Design Challenge)," commented Spectre Brand Manager, Mike Morrow. "In 2010, Spectre again signed on in the same Design/Build Challenge sponsor role, only this time we brought out our own 1970 mid-engine LS7 powered El Camino as an entry in the competition as well. Having spent over a year and half with the Spectre Performance truck and trailer traveling the country and participating in many of the different OUSCI qualifying events and Good Guys Autocross events, we'd formed many relationships and began to gather a pretty good following within the pro-touring and muscle car community. And that year we were the intake and filter system of choice on about eight vehicles."

By 2011 Spectre had become embedded into the pro-touring community and they essentially had product, stickers and support from just over half of the competitors. Although they were officially only spectators for the next two years, they nevertheless continued their relationships with many of the competitors through the qualifiers, and prior to the event they had worked with many of them to design and build custom intake systems.

At the beginning of this year Morrow sat down to compare notes. "OUSCI became a project that I asked to take on for Spectre, as an effort to elevate our presence, and to get as much coverage as we could," Morrow explains.

"Reaching out to many of the competitors prior to the event, we were able to put together a list of 17 cars that had Spectre products/decals competing in the event. Recognizing that media coverage and exposure on TV was key, having the Spectre truck and trailers along with a car representing the brand was, in my mind, crucial as well. At the end of the day we were able to get coverage for what we hope will be the final cut on five TV interviews, with the brand being highlighted, and with several photo shoot opportunities for upcoming magazine and online coverage."

"The key to this type of event is the relationships built over time with many of the participants, promoters, media and other manufacturers," Morrow adds. Spectre's primary markets have been the muscle car and hot rod niches, and playing an active role over the years actually made my job relatively easy this year."

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