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Video - As the sponsor of the "Spirit of the Event Invitation," Spectre identifies drivers that best suit the challenge.

The annual Optima Ultimate Street Car challenge is brocken down into 5 segments that identify a car that excels on the street, on the track, and at the car show. Each year Spectre sponsors the "Spirit of the Event Invitation," which identifies drivers that love pushing their cars to the limits.


My name is Jim McIlvaine, I’m the eCare manager for Optima Batteries. There are 5 segments that make up Optima’s Ultimate Street Car Invitational. The first segment is the Lingenfelter design engineering challenge. More that 2/3 of which goes to objective elements on the car. So it has nothing to do with the judges’ opinion but it’s more: do the headlights work, do the tail lights work, do the turn signals and the wipers and radio and the horn and all these things that you find in a typical street car. The a panel of judges comes in and they evaluate how the car has been built and how everything flows together. How the engineering of it came together with the parts that were used and the custom fabrication that was done. After the Lingenfelter design engineering challenge they hit the track. At Las Vegas Motor Speedway it’ll take place on the Bullring. They’ll start on the back stretch, they’ll come around through the turn. Come around on the front stretch. Go through a chicane, stop on a 45 foot box without going through it. Then they’ll have the road rally. So all these cars get out on public roads because they’re all licensed, titled, and have 200 treadwear tires. And we typically make them drive down the strip in heavy traffic and some of them don’t make it. Every year we’ve got like 1 or 2 cars that have an issue with a clutch or overheating and they don’t make it. But that’s why we do it because we want to prove that these are really true street cars. So to have a company like Spectre involved in this series means so much to these competitors. Spectre sponsors the Spirit of the Event invitation, which is aware at each of the qualifying events. So there’s at least 7 folks here in Las Vegas because Spectre said “You know what? You personify what we’re looking for in people: you love getting out in your car and doing things. Everybody loves cruising and going to a car show or a drive in, but you love going to a race track and beating on your car and really pushing it to the limits that it was designed to be pushed to. ” So it’s fantastic to have a company like Spectre on board that promotes that and brings people into the series.

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