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Video - This 1963 Rambler Wagon made its debut at the 2017 SEMA show in the Spectre Performance booth and was a real head turner in the Las Vegas Convention Center

When Suzy Bauter discovered her love for autocrossing, her need for a purpose built car soon followed. Working with aftermarket perforamnce part suppliers, including Spectre, Suzy transformed her 1963 Rambler American wagon into the ideal autocross machine. Making its debut at SEMA 2017, this Rambler won multilple awards at the event


Hi I’m Suzy Bauter and I am a home builder. So we built this car, this 1963 Rambler American Wagon in our home garage. The car was painted at Best of Show, but we did everything else including the interior and suspension and everything at home. The concept of the vehicle was mostly that I’m a autocrosser and at the time we bought the car I started auto crossing our ’68 Camaro and it suddenly turned into my grandma wagon is not going to cut it anymore. It’s going to have to be something more so this was a purpose built car. Always has been to autocross. And that’s why we chose a wagon that had a short wheelbase, and managed to squeeze about 50lbs of potatoes into a 10lb bag. Seeing as it’s a ’63 Rambler, I’m sure you can imagine that you don’t just go into the local autoparts store and pick up parts so we were very reliant on aftermarket parts. We’ve worked with Spectre for years and we’ve built a relationship with Spectre that is just infallible. They’ve been a great support of us. They have great products, and our brand loyalty to Spectre is pretty high.

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