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Video - SplitRay, a 1966 Corvette that was been widened over 6 inches, debuted at the 2017 SEMA show

Check out what it took to create the amazing SplitRay, a 1966 Corvette that has been widened by over 6 inches. The goal for this build was to combine Italian supercar flair with a C2 to produce something truly different and special.

Hi I’m Scott Roth. I’m from the Auto Shoppe in south Burlington, Vermont and this is a Split Ray 1966 Corvette. We started off trying to build a C2 supercar with like Italian flair. So the car was cut in half and widened 6 3/8 inches. It’s all about performance. The engine started out as an LS9 crate motor. We redesigned the supercharger to give it an older fuel injected look. The wheels are by EVOD. The glass is one off, so the whole car there’s a lot of one off parts. We use Spectre because we’ve had really good luck using the filters in the past. We have a lot of options to choose from. We’ve used them on at least a dozen projects. They’ve got a long line of proven performance and it’s a great product. We’re glad to be here in SEMA. We’re going for battle of the builders. It’s just good times.

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