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AIRAID® Authorized Online Dealer Verification Program

It's easy for AIRAID online dealers to participate in the authorized online dealer verification program.  In fact many online dealers are already set up and simply need to place a logo and link on their website to get started.  When your customers click on the AIRAID logo they will go to a page on that verifies you are an authorized online dealer.  The page will also contain a link back to your web site domain.  


STEP 1 - Place one of the AIRAID Authorized Online Dealer logos below on your website.
Link the badge to:

STEP 2 - Now go to the web page and click on the logo.  If the launched web page from indicates your site is authorized then you are done.  If not, contact your sales manager or our customer service department  and we'll get your web site linked to your account.

NOTE - You must click on the logo from your authorized website for it to work. 

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Sample screenshot of AIRAID authorized online dealer verification.