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Spectre Authorized Online Dealer Verification Program

To participate in Spectre's Authorized Online Dealer Verification Program just place one of our logos on your website and link it to our verification page. If your business is an authorized Spectre Performance dealer and your website is registered in our system properly, your customers will get validation that you are an Spectre Factory Authorized Dealer. Contact Spectre's customer service department to make sure your website is properly registered with us or place our logo and link on your website and test the link to see if you are already set up. Many Spectre online dealers are already set up and simply need to place the logo and link on their site to get started. Choose one of the logos below and link it to The logos are transparent gif files that can be used with any background.


STEP 1 - Place one of the logos below on your website.
Link the badge to:

STEP 2 - Go to the web page and click on the logo. If the launched webpage says your site is authorized then you are done. If not contact us and we'll get your web site linked to your account in our system.

  150 200 300


Sample screenshot of Spectre authorized online dealer verification.