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Cars and Trucks Needed in Riverside, California

Spectre's R&D department may need your car or truck for prototyping Air Intake Systems!

If you live near Riverside, own a listed car or truck and are willing to leave it with us for 1-5 working days, please "select" your car or truck's link from the list below then complete the form. Please list all modifications that you have made. Anyone allowing Spectre's R&D department to use their car or truck for air intake development will be compensated with a FREE air intake system once it goes into production.
 YearMakeModelEngineDate PostedComments
Select2017ACURAILXL4-2.4L27 Feb 2017KFC
Select2017Acura TLXV6-3.5L27 Feb 2017KFC
Select2015-2017Artic-CatWildcat95227 Feb 2017KND
Select2017AudiA3L4-2.0L T27 Feb 2017KFC
Select2015AudiTTL4-2.0L T23 Jun 2016ADV
Select2014CADILLAC CTS3.6L V6 AWD28 Feb 2017KFC
Select2016ChevroletCamaroL4-2.0L T11 Oct 2016KND
Select2016-17Chevrolet/GMCSilverado/SIERRA 1500V6-4.3L28 Feb 2017SFC
Select2016DODGE CHARGER 5.7L V829 Dec 2016KET
Select2002-2010DODGE RAM 15003.7L V627 Feb 2017AFC
Select2017FIAT124 SPIDER1.4 TURBO04 Oct 2016ADV
Select2015-2016FordExpeditionV6-3.5L EcoBoost27 Feb 2017SFA
Select2014-2015FordExplorerL4-2.0L28 Feb 2017SFA WITH MAF SENSOR
Select2016-2017FordExplorerL4-2.3L EcoBoost27 Feb 2017KND
Select2017FordF-250 / F-350V8-6.2L27 Feb 2017KND
Select1994-1997FORD F250/F3507.3L DIESEL 29 Mar 2017SFA
Select2012-2014FORDFOCUS 2.0L L429 Mar 2017SFC
Select2016Ford FocusL4-2.0L27 Feb 2017SFC
Select2012-2016FordTaurusL4-2.0L EcoBoost27 Feb 2017KFA
Select2017GMCCANYON 2.5L L429 Mar 2017SFA
Select2012-2015HONDACIVIC1.8L L429 Mar 2017SND
Select2006-2011HONDA CIVIC 2.0L L429 Mar 2017SND
Select2017HONDACIVIC Si1.6L TURBO04 Oct 2016ADV
Select2017HONDA CIVIC TYPE R 2.0L TURBO 04 Oct 2016ADV
Select2017HONDA CR-V 1.5L L4 TURBO 29 Mar 2017ADV
Select2015 HYUNDAI GENESISV8-5.0L 04 Oct 2016ADV
Select2010-2012HYUNDAI GENESIS COUPE 2.0L L429 Mar 2017SND
Select2013-2016HYUNDAIGENESIS COUPE 3.8L V629 Mar 2017SND
Select2011-2014HYUNDAISONATA 2.0L 27 Feb 2017SND
Select2013-2016HYUNDAI VELOSTER1.6L TURBO 29 Mar 2017SND
Select2013-2015INFINITIFX373.7L V627 Feb 2017ADV
Select2009-2013INFINITIG373.7L V627 Feb 2017ADV
Select2010-2014INFINITIM373.7L V627 Feb 2017ADV
Select2015INFINITIQX302.0 TURBO04 Oct 2016ADV
Select2011-2014KIAOPTIMA2.0L 27 Feb 2017SND
Select2017KIASOUL1.6 TURBO 28 Feb 2017KND ADV
Select2017KIA SPORTAGE2.0 TURBO 04 Oct 2016ADV
Select2014-2017MAZDA 62.5L L429 Mar 2017SND
Select2015MAZDA CX-32.0L 04 Oct 2016ADV
Select2016MAZDACX-92.5 TURBO04 Oct 2016ADV
Select2016 MINICOOPER S2.0L L4 TURBO29 Mar 2017ADV
Select2008-2015MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO GSR2.0L L429 Mar 2017SND
Select2013-2017NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5L L429 Mar 2017SND
Select2017NISSANTITAN XD5.6L V8 GAS27 Feb 2017KND
Select2015-2017Ram1500V6-3.6L27 Feb 2017SFA
Select2017SUBARUIMPREZA 2.0i2.0L L429 Mar 2017KFC ADV
Select2017TOYOTA CAMRY 2.0 TURBO 04 Oct 2016ADV
Select2017TOYOTACOROLLAL4-1.8L 27 Feb 2017SFC
Select2017 TOYOTA COROLLA IM 1.8L L429 Mar 2017SFC