Spectre Performance Air Filters - OE replacement filters, clamp-on universal air filters, breather/crankcase vent filters & air filter cleaning

Spectre Air Filters

Spectre air filter products are designed to increase power and torque for your engine. Spectre offers multiple styles and sizes of air filters to fit almost any configuration and vehicle. Spectre HPR air filters feature a pre-oiled, synthetic filer media that provides exceptional airflow for increased performance without sacrificing engine protection.
Spectre Air Filters

Stock Replacement Air Filters

Spectre’s OE replacement air filters are designed as a high flow replacement air filter that fits perfectly in your stock airbox. These air filters have been engineered for increased flow and greater performance.

Stock Replacement by Vehicle

Find Spectre OE replacement air filters by your car or truck's year, make, model and engine. These stock replacement air filters have been engineered for increased flow and greater performance.

Clamp-on Universal Filters List

Browse our list of universal clamp-on air filters with dimensions.

Clamp-on Universal Filters by Category

Find clamp-on universal air filters by category.

Breather / Crankcase Vent

Spectre’s breather filters are designed to clamp directly to metal or plastic tubing, making them ideal for filtering the air going in and out of your engine’s oil, transmission and differential vents.

Air Filter Cleaning

The Accucharge Precision Air Filter Oiling System is designed specifically for the cleaning and care of all Spectre HPR filters. The cleaning system comes complete with 12 fluid ounces of cleaner and 8 fluid ounces of oil.