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A Legacy of Performance.


Engine Accessories

Increase performance with one of Spectre’s custom designed engine accessories for your vehicle. Spectre offers a range of accessories including multiple brackets, latches, engine kits, cylinder covers, dipsticks, oil pans and more!

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Interior/Exterior Accessories

Spectre Performance provides functionality and aesthetics with interior and exterior accessories for your vehicle. Spectre offers a wide range of interior/exterior accessories such as hood torsion pins, swivel style locks, hair-pin style pins, shifter kits, T-handles, shift boots, gas pedals, spoilers, door panels and handles and more!

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Exhaust Tips

Choose from five different bolt-on universal exhaust tips and add aesthetics to your vehicle’s exhaust system with a Spectre Performance stainless steel exhaust tip.

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Drivetrain Accessories

Spectre Drivetrain Accessories are made from high quality materials. You can choose from differential covers for your vehicle, transmission pans, flywheel covers and dipsticks. Drivetrain accessories are available for a variety of Dana, GM, Ford and Chrysler models.

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Fuel System Accessories

Spectre Performance fuel filters, lines, fuel pressure gauges, regulators, fuel pump block-off plates, hose fittings and vacuum caps will help you add cosmetics to your fuel lines, hoses and connectors. Connect anything with Spectre Spacers and add functionality with Spectre cables, brackets, return springs and carb adapters.

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Ignition - Wiring Accessories

Spectre ignition wiring accessories are ideal for a variety of alternators, ignition brackets, battery boxes and starter heat shields. These wiring accessories are designed to improve the look of your ignition and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

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Cooling System Accessories

Spectre offers a line of cooling accessories for your engine cooling needs. These include fan shrouds, radiator caps, overflow tanks, water necks, water pumps and more. These accessories are custom designed to fit your vehicle and cool down your engine.

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Air Intake Components

If you need to design and build a custom one-off air intake system, Spectre has you covered. Check out our air ducting components, air intake tubes, brackets, mounting plates, air intake hoses, coupler and hose clamps, couplers, reducers, silicone funnels and mass air flow sensor accessories. It's easy to build your own air intake with Spectre air intake components.

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