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Spectre Performance Custom Braided Stainless Steel Hoses

Spectre’s Custom Braided Hoses offer durable hosing for nearly any application. Using a Dayco/Gates part number or your own supplied hoses, Spectre’s high quality custom sleeving provides your hose with flexible and abrasion resistant protection. Magnabraid sleeves, made from #304 grade braided stainless steel, will cover your plumbing for a fraction of what any AN-sized stainless steel hose would cost. Once sleeved, the hose will be shipped to you, ready for installation. For a dependable connection that completes your custom look, consider including an order of Magna-Clamps. Offered in various colors, these hose clamps feature an anodized finish and high quality aluminum housing. Contact customer service for ordering details.

Hose Sleeving Service by Spectre
Spectre Performance can professionally install a custom braided hose sleeve on your newly purchased hose. Learn more »