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There is a lot more to customizing a car than adding horsepower, like the finishing interior and exterior cosmetic touches. To help finish the overall look and feel of your custom ride, Spectre offers a wide range of interior and exterior accessories that provide both function and a great look. Check out our various hood torsion pins, swivel style locks and hair-pin style pins. Spectre also offers 24 inch long hood pin/lock lanyards, GM billet column and shifter kits, shifter T-handles, shift boots, gas pedals, fabricated aluminum rear wings & front spoilers, fabricated aluminum radiator panels, and fabricated aluminum door panels and handles.

Categories in Interior/Exterior Accessories

Fabricated Aluminum Spoilers Wings

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Hood Pins - Locks - Lanyards

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Shift Boots 

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Shifters - Shift Handles - Knobs

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