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Spectre Performance Aftermarket Differential Covers, Transmission Pans, & Dipsticks

Spectre Performance Drivetrain Accessories are manufactured using the highest quality materials and are designed to perform as good as they look. Spectre Performance drivetrain accessories include: differential covers, transmission pans, flywheel covers and dipsticks.

Spectre Performance Drivetrain Accessories

Spectre Performance Differential Covers:

Spectre Performance offers both smooth chrome plated and finned polished aluminum differential replacement covers. If you need to replace your Chrysler, Dana, Ford, GM or Jeep differential cover, or just want to put one on that will show off your rear-end, Spectre has you covered.

Spectre Performance Transmission Pans:

Spectre Performance Transmission Pans

Spectre Performance transmission pans are designed for various GM, Ford and Chrysler automatic transmissions. Spectre Performance transmission pans are available in either smooth chrome plated steel, or even finned polished cast aluminum construction, depending on the application. Some Spectre Performance transmission pans are available in deep high-capacity versions, and all feature a drain plug for simplified maintenance.

Spectre Performance Transmission Dipsticks and Flywheel Covers:

Spectre Performance Transmission Pans

Additional accessories are available for General Motors vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, such as a chrome or billet dipstick. Spectre Performance offers flywheel covers for both the TH350 and TH400 automatic transmission in either a polished aluminum or chrome finish.

Additional Spectre Performance Drivetrain Accessories:

Other universal Spectre Performance drivetrain accessories include a driveshaft safety loop, universal inline finned transmission coolers in several different lengths, as well as a universal transmission drain plug kit designed to add a drain plug to your existing transmission pan.

Spectre Performance Flywheel Covers

Since 1983 Spectre Performance has designed and offered unique, innovative, parts and components to fuel your car or truck obsession. Whether your fixation happens to be a classic American muscle car or pickup truck, Spectre will help fuel your passion for performance. Browse all Spectre automotive products by category at Or use the Products by Vehicle Search to find Spectre performance products specifically made for your vehicle. To find a Spectre dealer near you use the Spectre Dealer Locator.

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