Spectre Clearview Fuel Filter Keeps Your Fuel Clean and Your Ride Running Smooth

Spectre 2369 Clearview fuel filter

Caption: The Spectre 2369 Clearview fuel filter comes with three sizes of barbs to fit many common fuel lines

Whether you're building a street rod from the frame-up or updating the carb on your existing muscle car, a fuel filter is critical to the operation of your vehicle's engine. Unfiltered fuel may contain several types of contamination, ranging from those inadvertently added during the filling and storing process at the gas station to degradation inside your own gas tank - dependent upon its age. If these contaminants are not removed they can plug fuel metering orifices in the carburetor or prevent valves from seating.

An excellent choice to protect your fuel delivery system is Spectre 2369 Clearview fuel filter, which will fit virtually any carbureted application with 1/4-, 5/16-, and 3/8-inch barb fittings included. The kit allows the Spectre 2369 to be fitted to various sizes of rubber and metal fuel lines.

The Spectre 2369 Clearview fuel filter also provides excellent filtration characteristics, removing contaminants as small as 40 micron from the fuel surging past. For reference, 40 microns is 0.004 of a millimeter or about 60 percent smaller than the thickness of a human hair. The filter media used is nylon, the choice of several manufacturers of heavy-duty fuel filters for commercial vehicles.


Caption: The replacement filter kit comes with enough screens and O-rings for three cleanings

Spectre 2369 Clearview fuel filter features a transparent glass body for quick viewing of any contaminants trapped by the filter. The advantage of a clear case is that the debris can be viewed in the mesh of the filter element, providing constant feedback as to the condition of the filter, and avoiding problems before they happen.

As the fuel filter does its job, the element can become restricted if not monitored and cleaned (or replaced). Debris reduces the flow of fuel to the engine. If the filter restricts too much fuel, the fuel pump cannot provide enough volume to the carburetors. If the fuel pressure decreases enough, it will reduce power and may cause the engine to hesitate, misfire, or even stall. Spectre's 2369 Clearview fuel filter kit features a white mesh filter, so the amount of debris collected is easily spotted. Further the filter element is replaceable, making it a simple, easy task to install or replace the filter element with no special tools or skills required at a cost much lower than having to purchase a brand-new high performance filter each time.

Spectre's replacement fuel filter element kit includes three replacement filter elements and six O-ring seals and can be ordered by using part number 2358.

NOTE: The Spectre 2369 Clearview fuel filters are not designed for use with fuel injected engines.

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