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Chris Smith Takes the Podium Once Again in the RideTech 48 Hour Corvette

Chris Smith

Spectre Performance driver Chris Smith spent the winter months making modifications to the Corvette to maintain a competitive edge over the other Pro Class drivers

48 Hour Corvette built at the RideTech facility

It was exactly one year since the 48 Hour Corvette was built at the RideTech facility

The Goodguys 7th Spring Nationals marked the second debut of the Spectre Performance sponsored RideTech 48 Hour Corvette.  The 48 Hour Corvette, driven by Chris Smith, underwent some modifications over winter, widening the front and rear fenders to accommodate wider tires on the front and an overall wider track width.  The car was updated with a fresh coat of paint, replacing the yellow vinyl that was used during the original build.  Smith also made some minor under hood changes before loading the car and sending it off to Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Spectre Performance equipped 48 Hour Corvette was built at the RideTech facility last March.  The build was held over a three day, forty-eight hour time period while streaming live on the web during the complete process. Chris Smith and the Corvette had done extremely well during the 2015 race season considering the vehicle was built in forty-eight hours, but some changes were needed if Smith wanted the Corvette to compete at its full potential.

No one knew what to expect from the 48 hour Corvette as it drove into the Goodguys autocross pits Friday mornings.  The changes made to the vehicle were crucial modifications if Smith wanted to keep up with his fellow Pro Class competition.  Competitors like Scotts Fraser in an authentic 1966 Cobra and Kyle Tucker of Detorit Speed and Engineering with his 1970 Camaro were on their game first thing Friday morning, but Smith and the 48 Hour Corvette were prepared.  The Spectre equipped 48 Hour Corvette did exactly what Smith hoped it would do.  Though Fraser and the ’66 Cobra took a strong lead and remained in first place throughout the weekend, Smith and the Corvette were not far behind.

48 Hour Corvette

Wider fenders on the front and rear of the 48 Hour Corvette allowed for a bigger tires with better traction

Chris Smith and RideTech at Goodguys 7th Spring Nationals

Chris Smith and RideTech would debut the Corvette for a second time at Goodguys 7th Spring Nationals

Smith ran into a couple minor setbacks throughout the weekend, but overall the car handled exceptionally well for its first event of the year.  Smith has seen the podium several times throughout the past race season, but placing third in a very close and competitive race left Smith feeling confident that the Corvette will be a big contender in the 2016 race season.  For a car that had some major modifications and little testing beforehand, the RideTech 48 Hour Corvette will definitely be a car to watch throughout the season.

Spectre Performance driver Chris Smith plans to compete in several other races series throughout the year including Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car, the Goodguys Autocross Series, Holley LS Fest, and a handful of other small races across the country.  We will continue to follow Chris Smith and the RideTech 48 Hour Corvette throughout the year as Smith faces some tough competition in the upcoming months.  The Corvette shouldn’t have any problem keeping up with the stiff competition and we will most likely see Smith back on the podium very soon.


A fresh coat of bright yellow paint was added to the Corvette right before the car was loaded and on its way to Scottsdale, Arizona

Chris Smith and the Spectre Performance sponsored 48 Hour Corvette

Chris Smith and the Spectre Performance sponsored 48 Hour Corvette had a great start to the 2016 season, placing third in the Pro Class

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