Add Horsepower to Your 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma 4.0L with Spectre Air Intake System

Performance Air Intake SPE-9013

Spectre Performance Air Intake SPE-9013

The Toyota Tacoma might not be the cheapest small truck on the market, but you certainly get your money's worth. Depending on the cab/bed configuration, the little 'Taco' can haul lots of people and lots of stuff. There's several insanely capable off-road "Grades" for the Tacoma 4x4, and opting for the Toyota 4.0L V6 with the towing package (transmission/oil coolers etc.) will net you a tow capacity of 6,400 lbs. Even with dual overhead cams and variable valve timing, the 1GR-FE V6 is relativity simple by today's standards. The 236-hp that it produces is also a bit behind the times, as many modern 4-cylinder engines can easily eclipse that figure. You can however, increase the horsepower and torque on your 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma 4.0L, by simply installing a Spectre 9013 Cold Air Intake System.

An engine makes power by igniting gasoline inside the cylinders. In order to make the fuel burn, air is mixed with the gas, and the two are compressed as the piston travels upward. This pressurized cocktail is then lit by the spark plug, and the resulting explosion forces the piston back down, turning the crankshaft, and ultimately the wheels. This explosive force is where horsepower comes from, and you can increase it by simply adding more oxygen molecules to the air/fuel mixture. Cold air contains this additional oxygen, and the Spectre 9013 Intake System is designed to feed a high volume this catalyst, directly into the throttle body.

The stock intake on a 2012 - 2015 Toyota Tacoma 4.0L, limits airflow by using restrictive components. Air first has to enter a tiny hole at the bottom of the resonator, before being forced down a narrow flex-tube that bends around to the side of the throttle body. Once it arrives, the air then has to pass through a thick paper air filter, which can reduce the airflow even further (depending on how dirty it is). All of these obstacles cause the air to heat up, which reduces the oxygen content.

Toyota Tacoma Engine Bay with Spectre Air Intake

Toyota Tacoma Engine Bay with Spectre Air Intake

To increase the horsepower in a Toyota 1GR-FE 4.0L V6, the Spectre 9013 Cold Air Intake System uses a special airbox cover that clamps onto the side of the throttle body, eliminating the OEM air filter placement. An extremely short, wide diameter intake tube is then fitted between the cover and a metal heat shield, which seals against the underside of the hood to separate the air filter from the hot engine bay. The oversized Spectre performance air filter is positioned to collect cooler air coming into the engine compartment, and its high-flow design is able to flow more clean air into the system. It can also be cleaned and reused, allowing you to quickly restore performance after stomping through dusty/muddy terrain.

Toyota Tacoma with Spectre Air Intake

Toyota Tacoma with Spectre Air Intake

Thanks to its direct, relatively unobstructed airflow path, the Spectre 9013 Cold Air Intake allows your engine to make more power, and respond to throttle inputs much faster. The systems is also street-legal in all 50-states, and comes with a C.A.R.B. Exemption number and decal for smog testing compliance. Plus, the direct-fit design allows you to easily install this Spectre intake in about 90 minutes, without making any modifications or software changes.

Besides cold air intake systems, Spectre Performance makes an entire line of performance parts for your 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma 4.0L. To see all of the parts that we make for your Taco, enter the year, make, model and engine size into the Search by Vehicle tool, or you can click here to find a Spectre Performance dealer near you.


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