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2011-2016 Dodge Charger, Challenger & Chrysler 300 V6 Get a Spectre Performance Air Intake System

Spectre Air Intake 9028 for the Dodge Challenger and Charger

Spectre Air Intake 9028 replaces the restrictive stock air box, allowing cooler, denser air to enter the intake system for improved performance

Since early production, the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Challenger have played memorable roles on the big screen. A Dodge Charger was used in the movie Bullitt as well as a 1970 Dodge Challenger in the movie Vanishing Point. For those who may be a little younger, jump forward a couple decades to the Dodge Charger R/T driven by Vin Diesel in the original Fast and the Furious. Then there is the infamous 1969 Dodge Charger known and “The General” driven by Bo and Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard. For many people, the Dodge name has been a part of their upbringing since early childhood.

Spectre Air Intake 9028 installed in the engine bay of  Dodge Challenger and Charger

The Spectre High Performance Air Intake Kit comes with all necessary components for easy installation

Though popular in the late 1960’s through 1970’s, Dodge eventually discontinued the Charger and Challenger platform for a period of time. The Charger ended its run in 1987 while the Challenger was discontinued a couple years earlier in 1983. During 2006 Dodge finally released its third generation Charger only to announce that the Challenger platform would also return a few years later in 2008. During this time the fifth generation Ford Mustang had become increasingly popular. Though Ford had beat Dodge to the initial throwback period for the next generation, Dodge had a jump on Chevrolet, as the updated Camaro was not released until 2010. Dodge hit the mark in popularity. From their sleek design to improved performance, both the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger were accepted once again over a short period of time.

For Dodge Charger, Challenger and Chrysler 300 owners, it is almost impossible to keep your vehicle stock. If modifications do not root from influences during childhood, then you are probably looking for performance upgrades that will not break the bank, but will make a difference. A Spectre Performance Air Intake System replaces the restrictive stock air box in 2011-2016 Dodge Charger, Challenger and Chrysler 300 V6 models, allowing a higher volume of cooler, denser air to enter the intake system. This can result in increased horsepower and torque.

The Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit, part number 9028, replaces the stock plastic intake tract with a polished aluminum tube to help smooth out airflow restrictions often encountered with the stock tube. Add a Spectre Performance High Performance Racing (HPR) air filter and you will quickly see how the Spectre Performance air intake can help add power and increase acceleration.

All necessary components are included in the Spectre Performance air intake kit 9028. The installation instruction sheet included in the Spectre Performance air intake kit along with some basic hand tools will assist in making the installation process easy and stress-free. Unlike some modifications, this Spectre Performance air intake kit will only take about 90-minutes to install. In addition, owners of 2011-2016 Dodge Charger, Challenger and Chrysler 300 V6 models can rest assured knowing that Spectre Performance warrants all its intakes to be free from workmanship and material defects with a limited 90 day warranty.

Spectre Performance air intake 9028 is designed to increase the performance of the following Dodge Charger, Challenger and Chrysler 300 models:

2016 Dodge Charger 3.6L V6
2016 Dodge Challenger 3.6L V6
2016 Chrysler 300 3.6L V6
2015 Dodge Charger 3.6L V6
2015 Dodge Challenger 3.6L V6
2015 Chrysler 300C 3.6L V6
2015 Chrysler 300 3.6L V6
2014 Dodge Charger 3.6L V6
2014 Dodge Challenger 3.6L V6
2014 Chrysler 300C 3.6L V6
2014 Chrysler 300 3.6L V6
2013 Dodge Charger 3.6L V6
2013 Dodge Challenger 3.6L V6
2013 Chrysler 300 3.6L V6
2012 Dodge Charger 3.6L V6
2012 Dodge Challenger 3.6L V6
2012 Chrysler 300 3.6L V6
2011 Dodge Charger 3.6L V6
2011 Dodge Challenger 3.6L V6
2011 Chrysler 300 3.6L V6

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