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1971 Chevrolet Townsman 402 V8 Stock Replacement Air Filters

1971 Chevrolet Townsman 402 V8 Replacement Air Filters
  • Replaces the stock air filter of 1971 Chevrolet Townsman with 402 engines
  • High performance and high air flow filter
  • Spectre Chevrolet Townsman air filters are easy to install with no special tools or skills required
Spectre 1971 Chevrolet Townsman 402 liter V8 air filter is designed to outperform an ordinary paper air filter by providing increased airflow for improved performance.

Get a 1971 Chevy Townsman air filter today for improved performance! Select the Product Info button below for more information about the air filter.

1971 Chevrolet Townsman 402 V8 CARB - All Models
Spectre Replacement Air Filter
  • Engineered to outperform ordinary paper filters
  • Factory pre-oiled and ready to use
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