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Spectre 4216

Wire Separators
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Spectre’s 7 millimeter Economy Wire Separators are a simple and effective way to organize and protect your wiring. Including loom clips for two, three, and four wires, these separators can help route delicate wiring away from damaging heat sources, and prevent unsightly tangling.
  • Includes loom clips for two, three, and four wires
  • Designed to fit 7 millimeter wires
  • Helps prevent burned plug wires
  • ABS construction
  • Made from high quality material

Available Information

Part SPE-4216 Product Specifications

Material UsedABS
Maximum Diameter7 mm (0 in)
Minimum Diameter7 mm (0 in)
Mounting Hardware IncludedNo
Number of 2 Spark Plug Wire Separators1
Number of 3 Spark Plug Wire Separators1
Number of 4 Spark Plug Wire Separators1
Product Box Height2.63 in (67 mm)
Product Box Length2.88 in (73 mm)
Product Box Width0.19 in (5 mm)
Product StyleSpectre Spark Plug Wire Looms - Markers
Sump Style1
Weight0 lb (0 kg)

Product Reviews

July 26, 2016 - Part 4216
These are perfect spark plug wire seperators for 7mm wires. They will not work on 8mm or larger wires. Most standard spark plug wires are 7mm. It says right on the wire what size they are. Make sure you have 7mm wires and these separators will work perfectly for you.

David Rubenstein
Kirkwood, Missouri
April 25, 2016 - Part 4216
Works fine.

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