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Hose Sleeving Kits

Spectre offers complete hose sleeving options for your stock or custom fuel, oil and coolant hoses. To meet the various setup and size needs, we offer multiple diameter and length Magnabraid® hose cleaving kits that also include various Magna-Clamp ends. Our Magnabraid hose sleeves are a stainless steel braided option that will covers hoses for a fraction of what any AN-sized Stainless steel hoses would cost. Plus we offer the Magna-Clamps in different colors to meet your under hood look.

Available Products
  • 7490
    Magnabraid Stainless Steel Kit-Red/Blue End Caps
  • 7492
    Magnabraid Stainless Steel Kit-Red End Caps
  • 7496
    Magnabraid Stainless Steel Kit-Blue End Caps
  • 7498
    Magnabraid Stainless Steel Kit-Chrome End Caps