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Header - Exhaust Bolts

Spectre offers both standard and Lockwire header bolts. Our Lockwire header bolts are designed to use an additional lock-wire to keep the bolts from backing out and falling away from the constant heating and cooling causing the bolts to loosen. Utilizing stainless steel wire wrapped with a spring to hold tension, you simply insert the lockwire into the pre-drilled and iridite-plated bolts once properly torqued. Simple, effective and just one of the Spectre fasteners that makes doing the job easier and better.

Available Products
  • 4668
    Locking Header Bolt Kit 12 Pack
  • 46703
    Header Bolts 3/4" w/Tool
  • 46723
    Header Bolts 7/8" W/Tool
  • 4675
    Collector Bolts 3/8" x 1"