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V6/V8 Throttle Body Injection & Carb Air Box

Spectre’s universal air intake systems are designed for V6 and V8 engine swaps that most application specific and custom designed intake systems will not work for. These air intakes include a low profile 14 inch or standard 16 inch round, dual inlet, air box assembly. They also include flexible air intake tubing and mounting adapters to help direct the cooler outside air to the air box and air filter. These air boxes are designed to fit on carburetors and throttle body injection assemblies with a 5-1/8 inch neck flange.

Available Products
  • 7118
    Air Box Kit-16" Dual, 120° Inlets-Chrome W/Black Ducts
  • 7148
    Air Box Kit-16" Dual, 135° Inlets-Chrome W/Chrome Ducts
  • 7168
    Air Box Kit-16" Dual, 180 Deg. Inlets-Chrome W/Black Ducts
  • 728
    Air Box Kit-14" Dual, 180 Deg. Inlets-Chrome W/Black Ducts
  • 731
    Air Box Kit-14" Dual, 150 Deg. Inlets-Chrome W/Black Ducts
  • 732
    Air Box Kit-14" Dual, 135 Deg. Inlets-Chrome W/Black Ducts
  • 733
    Air Box Kit-14" Dual, 120 Deg. Inlets-Chrome W/Black Ducts