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Spectre AccuCharge Air Filter Cleaning Kit Instructions

Read the following steps completely before beginning.

Accucharge Air Filter Cleaning Kits
Accucharge Air Filter Cleaning Kits

Step 1: Remove the filter from your vehicle.

Step 2: Gently tap the filter against the inside of your trash can to remove the external dirt particles. Tap it so the dirty side is towards the surface you are tapping.

Step 3: Spray the filter with the Spectre Air Filter Cleaner and allow the solution to soak in for about 10 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse the filter with warm water, clean side to dirt side, to flush out the dirt. Do not use high pressure sprayers or hose nozzles as they can damage the filter.

Step 5: Allow the filter to dry. Placing it in a warm area or in sunlight will help to speed up the drying process. Do not use any direct heat source (heat gun, hair dryer, etc.) as it may damage the filter.

Step 6: Identify the filter you are servicing. All OEM replacement filters, and most cone filters, have part numbers molded into them. There are, however, a few filters that do not - Our cone-style filters with chrome lids can be identified by measuring the overall length - 3.7" = 8162 (P2), 6.7" = 8132 (P4), and 10.5" = 9732 (P5). Our P3 filters, with black lids, can be identified by measuring the overall length - 6.25" tall with 3" inlets = 9132. You can also find part numbers on our online catalog at If you need further assistance in determining which filter you have, please contact us.

Step 7: Determine the required oil amount from the chart below.

Step 8: Apply the required amount of oil to the filter by spraying it on the media evenly. There will be a small amount of overspray so be sure to take appropriate action to protect the surrounding area. DO NOT APPLY MORE OIL THAN RECOMMENDED IN THE SPECTRE OIL AMOUNT CHART! We have carefully calculated the oil requirements of each of our filters. Over-oiling can cause a decrease in air flow and performance.

Step 9: Wipe any overspray off of the filter lid, base, and name plate and re-install the filter.